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Why support Southern Utah Cares?

Southern Utah Cares is on a mission to change how nonprofits and the community connect. To do that we’re bringing all the resources together into one place: a directory with the nonprofits, organizations, and programs that serve this area; a calendar with community and charity events, as well as support groups and classes; and opportunities listing various volunteer and donation needs. This facilitates community involvement and nonprofit collaboration, making our community stronger.

Supporting Southern Utah Cares is supporting the community of Southern Utah.


If we can find approaches that meet the needs of the poor in ways that generate profits for business and votes for politicians, we will have found a sustainable way to reduce inequity in the world.

– Bill Gates

Instead of relying on grant money and donations, we’ve created our own income. 

Our phonebook.

Our phonebook is a simple and affordable way for businesses to advertise while supporting local nonprofits and our community.

  1. 1Quick. Listing your business is quick and easy. Just enter your business information to set up your account and then pay through PayPal. It’s that easy. Plus, you can make changes to your listing whenever you want. Whether you’re changing your store hours or advertising a special sale, we make it as quick and easy as possible for you to spread the word.
  2. 2Simple. Just fill out your listing and pay. We won’t play games like making you pay hundreds for SEO or pay extra to get a bigger ad than your competitors. And you won’t get lost between spam listings, either. We like to keep things simple so you can focus on other things. Like all the new people that will be coming to your business.
  3. 3Affordable. Just $10 per month. That’s it. We want to make it affordable for everyone, including smaller home-based businesses, making it easier for the community to support local. And of course, we’ve made the monthly payment automatic so it’s one less thing you have to think about.
  4. 4Charitable. Supporting Southern Utah Cares means supporting local nonprofits. It means helping provide a valuable service to the community. It means showing that you care.