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T.E.A.M. R. A. W.
"To Educate and Motivate the Ready and Willing"

Being a teenager is not easy. Until they figure out who they are, some youth will continue to struggle with peer pressure, thoughts of suicide, negative associates, gang, drug, sex, identityand media influences.  On top of that they still have home, religious and education expectations to follow. It"s no wonder that a lot of our youth crack under the pressure of having to learn how to multitask so many things day in and day out to the point they lose that motivation. One of our motto is "find your will, push your skill" a lot of our youth lack "will" and "skill" and we try to help by teaching life essential skills that will help them understand and make better choices .

TEAM RAW is a youth outreach mentoring program and we work with the disenfranchised, we help those who are in lack of need, we help youth and families who need crisis mediation , we provide follow up support at school and home, we teach prevention and education activities, we share information and refer our sister agencies in the community. You can find us in our communities, schools and streets supporting and helping our youth.

Our goal is to empower our youth to find motivation and to continue on that road to success through non-traditional methods such as activities, interactive programming or  just having someone to talk to. There is no secret formula to fix tough life situations other than getting involved and working at it  and doing what we can to help the youth find their way to success and happiness.

Our services:

  • Youth Outreach / T.E.A.M. R.A.W.
  • Family support and education
  • Crisis mediation
  • Family and Individual mediation
  • Referral to community agencies
  • Short term voluntary placement
  • Community outreach
  • Community education

If you can use our services or know of a family or youth that need help, please contact us

BEAR (435) 229-1772
Millcreek HS / Desert Hills Middle and HS

Josh Andresen (435) 237-7688
Dixie MIddle and HS / Snow Canyon Middle and HS

Kolei Maile (435) 237-7719
Pine View Middle and HS / Hurricane MIddle and HS

Thank you,

TEAM RAW, Youth Outreach Mentoring Program
Division of Juvenile Justice Services
Washington County Youth Crisis Center

* TEAM RAW is made possible and funded in part by a grant from the Department of Workforce Services.

Contact Information
251 E 200 N, St George, UT, United States 84770
Phone Number: (435) 656-6100

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