April 30, 2017 @ 12:00 pm
The Difiore Center
307 N Main St
St George, UT 84770
The DiFiore Center

The DiFiore Center Inaugural International Postcard Art or Letter Exhibition is the opportunity to:

  • spotlight your creativity
  • display your artwork
  • open the door to diversity
  • connect humanness across the globe, open minds, prove the value of the arts
  • leave your footprint for the future.—Your postcard art or letter will be on display and then sealed in a time capsule for 50 years.

    …and a $100 People’s Choice Award!

    Instructions—Create artwork, prose or poetry on a 6” by 4.25” postcard. If wanted, include your website, email, or social media information as well. Mail your creation to The DiFiore Center, 307 N. Main St., St. George UT 84770, USA. Or you may email your submission to difiorecenter@gmail.com. Be sure to include your submission payment confirmation # (received a er making your submission fee payment online at www.difiorecenter.org, click “Donation” button, choose “other” for amount and donate minimum of $10 per piece.)

    Postcards do not need to be sent in envelopes, however, it is permitted if you feel your art will bene t from being sealed. The DiFiore Center will own the rights. Art will not be returned as it will be placed in the me capsule to be preserved for future art lovers. The me capsule will be opened in June of 2067 at which me the art will be displayed again. A er the exhibition, the art will be returned to the me capsule, along with a batch of new creations, and sealed again to be opened in 2117. This will be an ongoing project, showcasing the work of artists every 50 years, with a collection that will continue to grow through the centuries. Your postcard will be on display un l June 25, 2017. Please indicate if you do not want your work displayed by writing the word “con den al” on the top right hand side of the postcard, above the address. Your card will not be displayed, but will be included in the me capsule and will be displayed when the capsule is opened.

    Why? This project will collect artists’ visions of creativity and will help future artists and art lovers to see how creators of the past sought to inspire their predecessors. It will help connect humanity through me and bring future genera ons closer to those who are pioneering artistic expression today.

    The DiFiore Center is an arts and education center in the beautiful desert in the corner of Southern Utah, close to Las Vegas, Nevada. The community is growing and just beginning to understand how diversity builds human connection, opens minds to critical thinking, teaches innovation, and adds value to community culture and legacy. Ideas, art and literature from around the world will open doors to new thinking and wonder. What impact or message do you want to have?

Learn more about us at www.difiorecenter.org.

Contact us for questions or additional information:

The DiFiore Center

307 N. Main St., St. George UT 84770
Phone: 1-435-673-4206
Facebook, Twitter and Instagram: @difiorecenter