Associate Family Resource Facilitator
Training and Certification Program

Many families may at some point face challenges with mental health or substance use issues within the family. This experience is often difficult, complicated, and confusing. Many families wish that they could
have more support during their struggles with mental health and a helping hand in navigating the
complex network of mental health services. Luckily, there are people trained to help families with
exactly these issues – they are called family resource facilitators. Unfortunately, though, we don’t think
every family who needs help is able to get that help.

In response, the Utah Family Coalition in partnership with the state of Utah is conducting a program to
train and certify new family resource facilitators. In the upcoming years, the number of paid family
resource facilitator positions and acknowledgment for the value of the family resource facilitator role is
anticipated to grow. This program aims to train, certify, and provide a hands-on learning opportunity to
individuals who have had a family experience with mental health or substance use challenges and are
interested in helping others facing similar challenges. Family resource facilitators are often parents or
family members of someone who has had mental health or substance use challenges.

This program is a great way for individuals to gain the training, skills, experience, and connections that
can help them become an important resource to their community and help families who are facing
complex mental health challenges. After completing the program, individuals will receive support in
putting their training to use. Everyone who finishes the program will have access to an employment
facilitator to help them find and secure relevant employment opportunities, will receive preferential
hiring for open family resource facilitator and other positions with Allies with Families, and will receive
continued support in becoming active resources for their communities.

Who may be interested in the AFRF Training and Certification Program

  • Parents / family members of children with mental health or substance use concerns
  • Individuals who want to work with families and help families in need
  • Individuals who want to use their personal experience with mental health to help others
  • Individuals interested in working in mental health or other service fields
  • Individuals who are looking for job training and workplace experience

How Can Individuals Benefit from the AFRF Training and Certification Program
The Associate Family Resource Facilitator Training and Certification Program involves absolutely no cost
to individuals who participate. Throughout the program lunch and travel may also be covered via
stipend for participants. Time, a willingness to learn, and a sincere desire to help others are the only
investments required of participants. Participants receive free training, certification, workplace
experience, job-search support, and preferential hiring. Participants in the Associate Family Resource
Facilitator Training and Certification Program will:

  • Receive free training and state-issued certification in an expanding field
  • Learn current approaches for working with families who face complex challenges with mental health or substance use issues
  • Network with professionals and gain contacts and references
    Associate Family Resource Facilitator
    Training and Certification Program
  • Gain workplace experience and knowledge
  • Receive access to an employment facilitator to help with resume, job search, interviewing, etc.
  • Receive continued support from the Utah Family Coalition and preferential hiring for Allies with Families positions

Training program overview

The AFRF Training and Certification Program features three main components:

AFRF Training: 40-hour training to certify participants as Associate Family Resource

YIT Training: 8-hour training focused on the specific challenges faced by youth-intransition with mental health or substance use concerns and working
with this population in the family resource facilitator role.

After completing both of the above trainings, each participant will take part in
48 hours of real-world, experiential learning at a mental health center or other community
resource. Students will practice skills in real-world environments, gain on-the-job experience
and exposure, and make connections with professionals.

After completing the training program, an employment facilitator will help participants
update their resumes, highlight their skills, and seek out jobs. All program graduates will be
given preferential consideration for open positions at Allies with Families.

When and Where

The two trainings will take place in St. George and the experiential learning placements will take place at various sites in St. George, Cedar City, and the surrounding areas depending on site availability and students’ interests and preferences. Training locations and specific dates are to be determined.

Applicant eligibility
1. Be 18 years of age or older
2. Have had experience in providing support to an individual who experienced mental health or substance use issues
before the age of 26.

If you are unsure about your eligibility for the program, feel free to use the contact information below to ask us about your
eligibility. Eligibility requirements are flexible.

How to Apply / More Information
If you have any questions, would like more information about the program, or would like to apply to the program please

contact us at:


(801) 433-2595