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Capturing A Dream is a nonprofit organization that raises money and seeks opportunities to fulfill the dreams and needs of children who are terminally ill, with disabilities, underprivileged, or are in a less fortunate situations. We also capture the stories of the recipients on multi-media forums (film, photography, audio, and texts) from family, friends, classmates, doctors, and anyone else willing to be apart of the movement. Then sharing these stories through social media, film, and television. Our hope at Capturing A Dream is that while we make dreams come true for these children, we can inspire others to give a simple gift of love. It’s through this simple action that we can all make the world a better place.


We understand that the world is filled with children and families that need help. Capturing A Dream is dedicated to raising money to help under privileged children have a dream or need fulfilled. Our organization hopes to tell inspiring stories by filming the experiences of the recipient’s family, situation, needs, and wish realized. Ultimately our goal to inspire anyone who sees our film to reach out and help others in any way they can

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