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Founded on March 23, 2012, Memory Matters Utah, formerly the Alzheimer's and Dementia Society, meets the growing needs of our senior population. As a 501(C)(3) service organization in Southern Utah and Southeastern Nevada, we believe in passionately empowering individuals, families and communities with support, education and caregiving.  With the help of volunteers and the generous support of donors, we are able to walk alongside those who are navigating along this difficult path of Alzheimer's Disease, Dementia and Caregiving.

What we provide in our community

Information and Referral: We provide information about dementia diseases, caregiving, Alzheimer’s & Dementia Society services and programs, and local resources.

Support Groups: There are several support groups that meet monthly to provide education and emotional support to caregivers. Support groups are free and open to the public.

Care Consultation: This is a free, face to face consultation meeting with caregivers and other family members to learn about coping, care options, strategies and available resources. We can even help the client create a care plan for the current stage of the disease.

Outreach and Education: Opportunities to educate, do trainings and share information are always welcome as we increase awareness of the disease and support for families and professionals dealing with the challenges of caregiving.

Educational Resources: We have many educational resources in our office including free brochures, books for sale, and a resource library of books and audio-visual materials for loan. We also provide educational programs through in-service training, health fairs, and conferences for caregivers, families and health care professionals.

Interfaith Training Programs: Helping congregations set up their own support and respite groups.

Early Stage Memory Loss Education and Support Series offers a weekly 10 week training and support class for a person dealing with early stage dementia or Alzheimer’s and their caregiver.

Day Respite Programs for qualified participants. This activity based group will be held in the St. George Senior Center. Other communities interested please contact us to help set up the project and train volunteers and a respite manager.

Memory Health Intervention is a program for people who are concerned about memory lapses, have a diagnosis of Mild Cognitive Impairment to stage 4 of a dementia illness. The participant will be evaluated using several diagnostic tests (non-medical) and surveys. A goal setting program involving the 4 areas of the newest in brain health and actions for support is created.

Contact Information
168 N. 100 East. Suite 104, St. George, Utah 84770
Phone Number: 435-319-0407
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