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Prevention is a proactive process which focuses on skill-building for individuals, families, institutions and organizations, including specifically identified high-risk individuals and/or groups within the population.

Services: Services are aimed to impact the general public and local school districts regarding such relevant issues as alcohol, drug and tobacco information, parenting skills, stress reduction techniques, building self-esteem and life skills. These prevention services are provided by local staff who work in each of the five counties.

1. K-12 Alcohol and drug curriculum for schools.
2. Workshops/seminars for all ages.
3. Drug-free workplace seminars
4. High-risk youth/early intervention
5. Parenting classes targeted for parents of elementary and/or adolescent ages.
6. Resource and information networking.
7. Teen Living Skills classes and self-development groups.
8. Coordination with statewide organizations and initiatives.
9. Technical assistance to target population groups.
10. Student assistance groups at middle & high schools.
11. Governor’s Youth Council groups at secondary schools.
12. Tobacco education classes

Contact Information
Phone Number: 435-634-5651