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The Washington County Youth Crisis Center is committed to providing a safe, positive learning environment for youth. We work as a team to promote responsibility and accountability by role modeling and teaching healthy living skills (respect, understanding, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens, etc.) to youth and families. Our job is to enhance the inherent strength and health of youth and families, leaving them motivated, positive, and armed with the tools necessary for success.

Facility Program/Services

There are two Juvenile Justice Services Case Managers at WCYCC who work with youth in Division custody. These youth are typically residents of Washington County. HOME DETENTION As an alternative to Locked Detention, appropriate youth may be placed on Home Detention. This service provides youth with close supervision in community settings. Youth are placed on Home Detention for the same reasons as those admitted to Locked Detention, but pose less risk to themselves and others.

When guidelines for Locked Detention are not met, Law Enforcement Officers often struggle to find a responsible adult to take custody of youth or to find a suitable placement. To minimize such difficulties, Receiving Centers are available across the state. Youth can be received any time, day or night. Center staff immediately attempt to contact a parent or guardian while they evaluate the youth’s immediate needs for security and care, and make referrals for services. Officers are then able to quickly return to their duties.

Shelter provides temporary housing for abandoned, neglected, abused, and ungovernable youth. Shelter residents retain their own clothing and personal items. Youth are required to participate in school and other activities. They are required to do chores similar to those required in most homes. Shelter is not a secure facility and is designed to be a “homelike” environment.

Youth are provided three well balanced meals per day plus a snack. Personnel follow guidelines of health, safety and sanitation.

Visiting hours for all youth are daily between 5:30 PM and 6:30 PM. Only those who have been approved to visit are allowed in the building. Clergy, attorneys, and Case Workers are allowed to visit anytime.

Youth Service Program

WCYCC’s Youth Service Program provides 24-hour crisis counseling to youth and their families in order to keep the family intact and to divert youth from entering the juvenile justice system. Services are provided at no cost to the youth or family.

A youth who is experiencing family problems, has run away, is beyond the control of his/her parents or has committed other status offenses, may access Youth Services.

Upon arrival at Youth Services, demographic information is gathered and the youth is assessed to determine immediate risk factors, mental health needs, and alcohol and substance use or abuse.


  • Crisis counseling
  •  Individual and family counseling
  •  Family support and education
  •  Referral to community agencies
  •  Short term voluntary placement
  •  Community Outreach
  •  Community Education


General Information

The Division of Juvenile Justice Services was created by statute in 1981. The Division is governed by functional programming including Administrative Services, Correctional Facilities, Rural Programs, Early Intervention Services, and Community Programs. The mission of the Division of Juvenile Justice Services is to provide comprehensive services for at risk youth within the framework of the Balanced and Restorative Justice Model. Community Protection, Accountability, and Competency Development are integrated goals and philosophical foundations of the model.

ACCOUNTABILITY When an individual commits an offense, the offender incurs an obligation to individual victims and the community.
COMPETENCY DEVELOPMENT Offenders who enter the juvenile justice system should be more capable when they leave than when they entered.
COMMUNITY SAFETY Juvenile justice has a responsibility to protect the public from juveniles in the system.

Core Values
The Division of Juvenile Justice Services
is committed to act with RESPECT and
INTEGRITY and meet the challenge of change


To be a leader in the field of juvenile justice by changing young lives, supporting families and keeping communities safe.

Facility Description

Washington County Youth Crisis Center is a Multi-Use Facility. The Center is used for Shelter Care, Youth Services, Case Management, Home Detention and as a Receiving Center. It is located in the heart of St. George, Utah, and is easily accessible to the surrounding communities.
Multi-Use facilities are core programs of the Office of Rural Programs, and are an integral part of the community and local juvenile justice efforts.

*Visiting hours are flexible, just call ahead and we will try to accommodate visits at any time.

Contact Information
251 East 200 North, St George, UT, United States 84770
Phone Number: (435) 656-6100